A tenant’s story

David Cameron reckoned Right to Buy on housing association flats would be giving people “the security of a home of their own”.

As a housing association tenant I have a secure home of my own. I may not own the bricks and mortar but it is my home. My neighbours and I can stay here as long as we want as long as we continue to pay the rent.

I am so fortunate to have that security. I am so fortunate that on a low wage I don’t have concerns about sudden bills and repairs that I couldn’t afford to meet. I am so fortunate that we didn’t lose our home when I got ill because I couldn’t keep up mortgage payments. I am so fortunate that I have a warm, secure place to bring up my children without the threat of eviction at the whim of individual landlords that I see my friends in private renting having to deal with.

Owning a property is not security.

Renting from some private company who has bought up a council/ housing association property is not security.

THIS is security. If you want more people to have “the security of a home of their own” have a policy that encourages MORE housing association flats.

Wealth doesn’t come from owning things it comes from feeling your basic needs are stable and that you have a HOME.

Housing Association tenant, Edinburgh