“There is hope”

Branching out from the world of halls of residence was something that I, and the three people I planned to live with, were somewhat daunted by.

We had all heard the horror stories, landlords who upped rent without warning, letting agents who you couldn’t get in touch with, the list went on.

Yet luck would have it that we stumbled across an advert on Gumtree of all places for a four bed flat in town. Somewhat hesitant, it turned out to be perfect. The landlord knows everything he should know, the house isn’t exactly beautiful but holds up to the standards necessary. And his attitude is even better.

I have a friend who has had to live with a broken cooker for two years of his tenancy. Faced with a similar oven-related issue I hesitantly called my landlord. Within two days a new cooker was installed and working.

So to all students out there, there is hope. My flat is clean (if one of my flatmates is away anyway…) and I am safe in the knowledge that my landlord is fair and understanding. Don’t give in to the horror stories, but make sure you check that your landlord is registered and has an HMO licence before you sign anything!