“Our home…has changed lives for the better”

It will soon be 20 years since we moved into our home. We brought up our children here and also, as emergency and short-term foster carers, we have fostered many children during that time.

A house is only a house but if it is secure, warm, well maintained and dependable then with a mix of happiness and nurture, it becomes a home.

For all the many foster children who have lived here and called it home, there are memories, happiness and also tears at times but it was home even sometimes just for a short time, but mostly for several years at a time. We have been rewarded over and over with the love and commitment we get back from the children (many who are now adults) and our lives have been enriched.

The ‘four walls’ that we have, provide us with the cornerstone of everything that we have achieved here and we could not have done it without enough room, affordability and the reliability of our housing services.

This house, our home, has changed ours and many children’s lives for the better over and over again during the last 20 years.