Why housing is important

 “Good housing offers a stable foundation from which to build a home, and does so through providing shelter, security and space for family life and activities, privacy, personal identity and development. The home provides us with a sense of belonging and connection to where we live and acts as a springboard to develop other aspects of our life.”

Commission on Housing and Wellbeing:
A blueprint for Scotland’s future
(June 2015)

Nothing is more important to the welfare of Scotland’s people than a good quality home that meets their needs and provides a safe, secure and long-term foundation for them to live happily and develop their potential. As well as being a crucial element of our country’s social wellbeing, housing is also intrinsically linked to its future economic growth and success.

So it is vital that all those living in Scotland have a full range of quality housing options available to suit their individual circumstances and that they understand what these are.

Did you know that improving access to fit-for-purpose and energy-efficient homes helps:

  • support a reduction in overcrowding
  • support sustainable communities and regeneration
  • improve health and education outcomes
  • fight fuel poverty
  • tackle climate change
  • increase mobility and productivity

Did you know that providing the homes Scotland’s needs also offers an exciting choice of careers, particularly for young people.  Whether on-site or office-based, skilled trades or professional, there’s a role for everyone.  Why not take a look at www.goconstruct.org to read about the sorts of different jobs available.

Case studies

The case study below illustrates the experience of a new career in housing thanks to a graduate programme.

The case studies below also show how modern apprenticeships in the housing industry can change lives, create jobs and maintain our skills base.