People supporting Scottish Housing Day

Messages of support for Scottish Housing Day

Lots people sent us messages last year to support Scottish Housing Day. Here’s a sample:

My big hope on this year’s Scottish Housing Day is that we can persuade more residents to get involved in our work.

We are a community led organisation so community involvement is a cornerstone of what we do. Without residents’ involvement we cannot make measured decisions in their best interests.

Through their housing association people can have a real say in decisions that impact on their everyday lives and that will shape their neighbourhoods and communities in the future. I would urge them to grasp opportunities to get involved.

Shona Stephen, Chief Executive of Queens Cross Housing Association,

Scottish Housing Day provides a focus on the importance of housing and allows us an opportunity to examine key issues and how they affect housing provision across Scotland.

Councillor Mags MacLaren, Renfrewshire Council (full article here)

Housing is a human right and too many of our people are denied good affordable safe homes and supporting Scottish Housing Day is part of that campaign today and every day!

Jim Strang, Parkhead Housing Association

As a former local authority councillor, a serving Director of Highland Home Trust and regional MSP, I’ve a clear understanding of the importance of good housing.

I believe that the availability and standard of social housing is a benchmark by which societal equality can be judged.

Houses must be homes not commodities for those motivated by profit so I’m very happy to support Scottish Housing Day. 

John Finnie, MSP, Scottish Green Party

“Best wishes for Scottish Housing Day…important to
everyone in all walks of life and in all parts of the country.”

Cllr Bill Mason, Clackmannanshire Council

“I support Scottish Housing Day because here in Edinburgh city centre, where I am a councillor, I am continually reminded of inequality when I deal with daily examples of insecure housing, poor quality housing, and homelessness. I am passionate about improving housing for those in need including issues like controlling rents, increasing quality of homes, energy efficiency, and tackling fuel poverty.”

Cllr Claire Miller, Green Councillor for Edinburgh City Centre