Scottish Housing Day 2019

TODAY we’re bringing everyone in housing together to celebrate the positive impact that good quality housing makes to the lives of people and communities and to highlight the housing options that are available.

Few things are as important as having a good quality home that meets your needs and provides a safe, secure and long-term foundation for you to live happily. So it is vital that people have a full range of housing options available to suit their circumstances, and that they understand what these are. You can read about many options here on this website.

The theme for this year’s Scottish Housing Day is Housing As a Human Right. We’re keen to hear views on this from as many people as possible. For example, do housing rights need to be safeguarded? If so, which rights in particular?

If you’re supporting Scottish Housing Day, let us know. We’ll publicise any events you’re involved in and we’ll add your logo to our Supporters’ page – and download the posters, graphics and email signatures you need here.