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Every year, Scottish Housing Day highlights challenges and achievements across the housing sector. In 2021, as the world’s attention turned to Glasgow for the UN’s climate conference COP26, we focussed on housing and the climate emergency. 

Around 13% of Scotland’s carbon emissions are related to the way we heat our homes. The Scottish Government has introduced ambitious targets to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045 and has committed that, from 2024, gas boilers will no longer be installed in new homes. 

Meeting these targets will involve huge adjustments – all of our homes must be much more energy efficient and the majority of us will have to switch to low or zero carbon heating. But do the people of Scotland understand the scale of changes to come, what is involved in upgrading their homes, how much it will cost, who will be expected to pay and how they will have to adapt the way they live? 

On September 15 2021, Scottish Housing Day, we encouraged people to think about the role that they and their homes will play in tackling the climate emergency and signposted them to sources of advice and information to help them reduce their energy use, move to low carbon heating and to access other sources of support.

We published a report that explains more about public awareness and attitudes towards housing and the climate emergency in Scotland, and we held an event to discuss it and to raise awareness of the role housing can play in tackling the climate emergency. It allowed us to spark discussions on the challenges of transitioning to net zero for people living in new and existing homes across all tenures.

Every year support for Scottish Housing Day grows, and it doesn’t end on Scottish Housing Day. Our collective voice can make a bigger impact. We want all landlords, third sector organisations, organisations representing tenants and residents, individuals, developers, builders – anyone involved in housing in Scotland – to get involved in our efforts. Please share what you’re doing – at whatever point during the year – and post on online with the hashtag #scottishhousingday. 

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