Viewpoint, energy efficiency and climate change

Colin Dumma, Energy Project Lead at Viewpoint, explains the actions Viewpoint is taking to tackle the climate emergency

We’re all very aware of climate change and the effect it is having on many aspects of our lives including severe flooding, destructive fires and other weather related disasters. Closer to home and more personally though it also greatly effects how we manage our energy use and ultimately our levels of domestic comfort and running costs. Viewpoint’s residents and tenants are no different and we all need to join together to manage energy use and cost and try and ensure where possible we reduce the use of fossil fuels which impacts on our environment. 

To address this the following actions are amongst many Viewpoint is developing and encouraging:  

  • Replacing existing boilers with highly efficient alternatives where gas is the only option. 
  • Looking at improving insulation of buildings to retain heat and reduce energy use. 
  • Exploring and developing the use of renewable energy options such as electric heating and hot water systems, heat pumps and other technologies.
  • Following government and climate change guidance to reduce energy use and costs. 
  • Engaging with market leaders to explore the most efficient equipment available. 
  • Searching to identify available external funding to assist with the more costly alternative heating systems and thermal upgrades. 
  • Communicating with independent energy advisory providers to see how we can pass on clear guidance to our tenants to reduce energy use and therefore costs. 
  • Reviewing the impact of the Heat Metering & Billing Regulations and where this may affect some of our tenants. 
  • Working with other organisations and peer groups to consider where pooling resources may assist and also to jointly address inconsistencies and contradictions in legislation and regulations.
  • Communicate with our tenants and residents to advise them where we currently stand with our programme of heating and hot water upgrades.