Supporting Young People

Fife-based Campion Homes explains the important role of new-build developers in helping young people on the path towards home ownership – and how it can support their careers in the construction industry.

As 2018 is the Year of Young People in Scotland, it is fitting that young people are the focus of this year’s Scottish Housing Day.
As the Commission on Housing and Wellbeing states, “Good housing offers a stable foundation from which to build a home through providing shelter, security and space for family life and activities, privacy, personal identity and development.”
This is particularly true of young people, who are just starting out on the road to independence and self-sufficiency. Home ownership is an important aspect of this journey, but young people are met with huge hurdles along the way.
New build housing developers are in a position to support young people – be that through helping them on the path towards home ownership, or through supporting their careers within the construction industry.
Here is how new build developers, including Campion Homes, can support young people in Scotland.

Help to Buy (Scotland)

In Scotland, the Help to Buy scheme has been extended beyond 2019, providing more young people with additional support to take their first steps onto the property ladder. Learn more about Help to Buy (Scotland).
Although the first steps to owning a home are never easy, the scheme does make saving up for an initial deposit a less challenging task.
This is particularly useful for young people, who may struggle to save up for a large deposit, especially when faced with rising private rent rates.

Customer charter

For younger people, particularly first-time buyers, the purchasing process can sometimes seem quite daunting. There is a lot of industry-specific terminology which may cause confusion to those who are not familiar with it.
To overcome this, we have introduced a customer charter, with a dedication to providing sales and marketing material that is clear and transparent, to avoid unnecessary complications. It is our hope that this will benefit younger people who are making important decisions about purchasing a home.

No hidden extras

In some parts of Scotland, buyers can now expect to pay up to £30k over the advertised asking price of their home. This is a hugely prohibitive cost for the vast majority of young people in Scotland and makes understanding what kind of home is in their price range a difficult prospect.
With new build homes, the price advertised is the price you pay – there is no need to put in a sealed bid, paying over the odds in the hope of undercutting competitors. Simply reserve your home, pay a set deposit and move in.


New-build home developers are also able to support young people by helping them to develop careers in the property and construction industry.
We are proud of the strong apprenticeship schemes we run, where we have supported several young people in Scotland into successful careers. Recently, our trainee electrician, Phillip Heather, won Fife college’s Apprentice of the Year award.
For the construction industry to continue to prosper, young people must be encouraged to join the sector. If you are interested in a career at Campion Homes, check back here to learn about potential opportunities when they open up.

Are you thinking about purchasing your first home in Fife? Download our super useful First Time Buyers Guide for comprehensive information and helpful tips.