A tenants’ panel view on social housing

Overall, members said that they were very happy to have social housing, especially during the current pandemic. They felt that social housing is ‘safer’ because it is easier to talk to the council and re-arrange payments if there is a money problem. Most indicated that social housing is better because repairs, etc. are taken care of as part of the rent; if it were a mortgaged home, a lot of extra money would need to be found for repairs.

One member indicated that she would be terrified if she stayed in a bought house and having to find money for mortgage, repairs, etc. She feels much happier in social housing.

Another member lives in flatted accommodation which has a higher rent than a mortgage and she would prefer a mortgaged home as she would feel more secure.

Another indicated that she is glad to be a social housing tenant as she was brought up in social housing with her siblings. She is thankful for benefits, well-built housing, never needing to worry about repairs and maintenance. She is also grateful that West Lothian council has given the opportunity to become involved in Tenant Participation, which she enjoys.

(West Lothian Tenants’ Panel)