Scottish Housing Day report

Scottish Housing Day report cover

This year the focus of Scottish Housing Day has been on the role of housing in tackling the climate emergency.

Homes across Scotland account for around 13% of emissions and will need to be made more energy efficient with the majority switching to low or zero carbon heating systems to meet the ambitions Scottish Government target of becoming a net-zero nation by 2045.

The Scottish Housing Day partners commissioned research with the support of Aico to find out more about public awareness and attitudes towards housing and the climate emergency in Scotland.

Read our report.

The public poll of 1,000 people living in different tenures across Scotland showed a high level of awareness of the Scottish Government’s target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045 but less certainty about what this might mean for individuals in relation to their housing.

The research found:

69% of people have heard about the Scottish Government’s net-zero plans.

While 81% of people have heard of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) only 18% know the EPC rating of their home.

49% of people disagree or strongly disagree with the statement that energy efficiency was an important factor in choosing their current home. Only 15% agreed or strongly agreed.

39% of people would like to move to a more energy efficient home.

82% of people think that the Scottish Government should cover at least some of the cost of improving homes. 34% of people think the Scottish Government should cover all of the costs.

The report will be discussed at our event today toraise awareness of the role housing can play in tackling the climate emergency. It will allow us to spark discussions on the challenges of transitioning to net zero for people living in new and existing homes across all tenures. You can still book now!