Home ownership

Home ownership is still the most popular tenure in Scotland with around 60% of households owning a home outright or with a mortgage. Home ownership is also what many people aspire to, but there are many things to consider before buying a home. You can research different options on the internet or seek advice from a financial advisor or mortgage broker. More detailed information about buying a home in Scotland and the costs are available on the Money Advice Service website.


Finding a home

You can search for a home online, in newspapers or directly through estate agents. Second-hand homes for sale in Scotland must be marketed with a Home Report. This will include information about the condition of the home, an assessment of its energy efficiency and the valuation of the home. It may also include additional information from the seller such as Council Tax rates and factoring costs. You should carefully consider the Home Report before making a decision to buy the home, especially if it indicates the need for repairs or maintenance to be carried out.

You should consider whether you want to buy an existing home or a new build home. New homes may be marketed by estate agents, through online portals or directly by the developer. More information on new homes can be found on the Homes for Scotland website.


Getting a mortgage

There are a wide range of deals available and you need to decide which one is right for you and what you can afford to pay each month.  You should consider what the interest rate is and whether this is a fixed rate or if it will move up or down – would you still be able to afford the mortgage payments if interest rates go up? Different types of mortgage carry different benefits and risks.

Once you have chosen a mortgage product and the lender has agreed to offer you a mortgage, they will issue you with a mortgage ‘in principle’. This indicates to sellers that you have funds available and allows you to make an offer on the home that you want to buy.


Appointing a solicitor

You will need to appoint a solicitor to manage the purchase of the property. The solicitor will check the legal status of the property and the seller to make sure that the sale can go ahead. They will also negotiate the purchase on your behalf.


Costs of buying a home

As well as monthly mortgage payments, you will probably have to pay some costs up front. These may include:

  • A deposit – the amount will depend on the type of mortgage you take out.
  • Land and Buildings Transaction Tax. This is the Scottish equivalent of stamp duty and must be paid for all homes over £145,000. More information and a LBTT calculator is available on Revenue Scotland’s website.
  • Mortgage arrangement fees – these may be charged by your lender to arrange the mortgage.
  • Solicitor’s fees – these can include a registration fee for the sale of the property sale and any other fees associated with the purchase. Your solicitor should advise you of what fees you will have to pay.
  • Survey fees – all second-hand homes for sale must have a Home Report. This includes basic information about the condition of the home but some buyers may want to carry out a more detailed survey before committing to buying the home.
  • Insurance – you may be required to take out insurance on the building or to cover the cost of repayments if you are unable to cover the mortgage.


You should also be aware of your responsibilities for repairs and maintenance. If you are buying a flat, you will probably be responsible for a share of the cost of repairs for any common areas of the property such as the roof – even if you live on the ground floor. You should check if the home you want to buy has a factor and what the fees are.


Case Studies

Best of both worlds (courtesy of Bellway homes)

Living in a penthouse flat in an enviable location in Glasgow’s southside, Sam Craig had a seemingly perfect lifestyle,

But the 45-year-old acute surgery nurse had always dreamed of having his own front and back doors and a garden to relax in after a busy day at work.

With location still an important factor for nights out with friends, he found a stylish two bedroom house at Bellway’s Eastfield development in Carntyne offered the perfect option – just seven minutes by train from nearby Carntyne Station into Glasgow City Centre.

Sam said:

“I loved my old flat but the cost to run it was huge so I notice a big difference in my new home.

“What I also enjoyed about buying new is that I was able to choose things like the tiles I wanted in the kitchen and really make it my own.

“Having a ten-year guarantee is another plus as I know my house doesn’t have any problems inherited from a previous owner and that I will be protected if there are any major issues.”

Room for a growing family (courtesy of Mactaggart & Mickel)

Adam Black and family

With a baby son and running out of room in their Mount Florida tenement flat, Adam and Rachel Black needed a larger family home.

They didn’t really consider a new build until they visited a development in leafy Eaglesham, just 10 miles south from Glasgow city centre.

They were immediately drawn to a three-bedroom property offering real neighbourhood character and generous accommodation space – which was just as well as the couple found out they were expecting another child two months after moving into their new home!

Having immediately felt settled, Adam and Rachel feel like they now get to spend money on ‘fun stuff’ such as decorating, rather than having to budget for repair bills as they previously did.

Another bonus is the commute, of which Adam says:

“It’s been a lot easier than either of us expected. The motorway is just around the corner, and the train and bus routes are frequent and convenient if we ever want to pop into town without the car.

“When Rachel drives home after work and sees the surrounding hills and green fields, her shoulders drop and she immediately feels relaxed.”

Inese Talstikova and Vlad Bokijs – Greenan Views, Dunfoot

Inese Talstikova and Vlad Bokijis  at their new home, Greenan Views, Doonfoot, Ayr/ (courtesy of Mactaggart & Mickel)

Having always rented flats, as first time buyers Inese Talstikova and Vlad Bokijis were apprehensive about all the paperwork associated with buying a home, but found their builder gave them the boost of confidence they needed to take their first step on the property ladder.

Inese said: “I thought it would be quite a complex process but our sales advisor, Pat, was so friendly and helpful, taking the time to explain things to us and reassure us.

“The staff worked so hard to make the process as easy as possible and made us feel like we could go to them for advice at any time. All my worries and anxiety disappeared so all I felt was excitement!”

Deciding to take the leap at Greenan Views in Doonfoot, Ayrshire, Inese and Vlad’s new garden also meant they were finally able to buy the cocker spaniel puppy they had wanted for so long!

Inese added:  “My new home is perfect. The spacious open plan and living and dining area is great, but along with that the storage is excellent. It makes such a difference to living in a flat.”


Alastair Donald, Laurencekirk 

Image courtesy of Muir Homes

When Forfar businessman Alastair Donald decided he wanted to go into semi-retirement, he thought that his home town of Laurencekirk, where he had fond childhood memories, would be the perfect place to move back to.

Alastair said: “It was an easy decision for me because I am so attached to Laurencekirk, but it was the house that sold my wife Paula on the idea.

“We had a tick list of things that we wanted our new home to have – a nice view, a quiet location but one where we could still have a social life, a good quality interior, and with plenty of space so our grown-up daughters can come and stay with us whenever they like.

“With a really helpful sales advisor, the first time we saw our house, we just fell in love.  It’s beautiful and the location is excellent with phenomenal views.”


Courtesy of Barratt Homes

Angela Hamilton was able to move across Edinburgh to be closer to her family thanks to the assistance she got from her builder, who helped her sell her existing property. Now the owner of a new two bedroom apartment, Angela says:

“The property itself is fantastic – it’s finished to a very high standard and I’ve already had the grandchildren to stay, they think the flat is ‘awesome’.”

Courtesy of Taylor Wimpey

Living in a flat in Edinburgh, Gillian and Robert Toohie wanted more space and a garden for when their grown-up children and families came to stay. The couple couldn’t find the space they wanted within their budget in Edinburgh so they looked outwith the city to East Calder.

Gillian explains:

“This was a natural step for us as our flat just couldn’t cope when our family decides to visit so it was definitely time for a move and the fact that there is no DIY and only minimal maintenance really attracted us to a new build.”