Community-led Housing

Community-led housing is a growing sector; a new approach to housing options for those looking to buy or let. It is directly influenced by residents themselves in line with the needs and demands of communities in terms of housing numbers, type and tenure.

Often small-scale projects and in rural areas, community-led housing lets groups of people use of opportunities presented by Land Reform and Community Empowerment legislation, allowing them to develop, build, refurbish and manage homes within their own communities.

Homes can mirror those provided by housing associations, but can also provide innovative energy-efficient or technology-enabled new-builds, as well as breathing new life into empty homes by refurbishing to meet the requirements of their communities or even providing support for self-build projects – it really depends on what the community has identified is required locally.

Affordability is a key part of community-led housing, with rent or sale prices being in line with housing association or mid-market levels. Normally application will be open to all, but priority can be given to those with local connections and needs specific to the housing type available.